• Maintains confidentiality
  • Knows and gathers pertinent information
  • Recasts Financials
  • Has valuation knowledge
  • Understands goodwill value
  • Maximizes the value of the company
  • Provides an overview of tax consequences to the parties
  • Has relationships with professional experts
  • Clarifies what is being sold
  • Has market knowledge and understanding
  • Uses multi-pronged marketing strategies
  • Has prospect database
  • Has understanding of various financing options, contacts with appropriate specialists
  • Is affiliated with other competent professionals in the Business Brokerage community
  • Possesses negotiating skills and understands the emotional issues of the parties
  • Acts as the buffer between parties, which gives seller time to make reasonable decisions
  • Can better control the issues
  • Lets seller continue focusing on running their business
  • Is not emotionally tied to the business-maintains objectivity in process and transaction
  • Coordinates and facilitates sell-side and buy-side activities and associated specialists, advisors:
    • Transaction attorney(s)
    • Insurance carriers, agents
    • SBA Loan Packager/Lenders
    • Landlord
    • CPAs, accountants
    • Tax attorney(s)

Considering Selling Your Business?

KMF Sales Can Help

If you are exploring the option of selling your business, you may not be sure that you necessarily need a business broker. We are happy to meet with you and evaluate your needs at no cost, and help you assess the situation. The process can be confusing, and it’s a good idea to have wise counsel to help you through the decisions which could have an impact on your future financial landscape.

Small Business Merger and Acquisition Experts

The sale of your business demands a professional, just as running your business has demanded your professional attention. KMF Business Advisors has the expertise, tools, and professional team to market and sell your business successfully on a national basis. The objective is to protect your business investment, and maximize your net after tax profit on the sale.

“Walt Disney: “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

I help my clients realize their dreams. Maximize their potential and move forward to the next life adventure.

John C. Bucher

President KMF Business Advisors