Q: How will my companys sales process be kept confidential?
A: We make sure to maintain confidentiality through agreements and discreet marketing strategies to avoid any disruptions, to your business and uphold your edge.

Q: How is my business promoted for sale?
A: Your business will be showcased on high traffic websites and other effective advertising platforms to attract buyers in a subtle and efficient manner.

Q: How can I determine the value of my business?
A: Our valuation experts utilize industry approaches and comprehensive market insights to establish an appealing price for your business.

Q:What is the typical timeframe for selling my business?
A: Usually businesses are sold within a span of 90 days. However this timeline can vary based on factors, which your Broker can explain according to your circumstances.

Q:Will potential buyers visit my business in person?
Yes,. Such visits are meticulously arranged once serious interest is expressed, with confidentiality agreements, in place to minimize any disruptions.

Q: How will offers from buyers be managed?

A: Your Broker will create offers that clearly outline the purchase terms and present them in a manner.

Q: Who is responsible, for handling inquiries about selling my business?
A: Your Broker will manage and respond to all inquiries, identifying buyers and guiding them through the sales process.

Q: Who will handle negotiating the sale of my business?
A: Your Broker will take charge of negotiations using their expertise to represent your interests and secure a deal.

Q: What kind of training should I provide to the owner?
A: Typically a standard 30 day training period is recommended, but adjustments can be made based on your businesss complexity and the buyers requirements.

Q: Can I start another business after selling this one?
A: You are allowed to do however there may be compete agreements in place, as a standard practice to protect both parties interests.

Q: Is it practice to offer seller financing?
A: Yes providing seller financing can attract buyers though it is not mandatory.

Q: When is the appropriate time to inform my employees about the sale?

A: Its generally recommended to wait until the sale’s complete to secure stability unless retaining employees is a factor, in the sale.

Q: Would the Broker check buyers credit?

A: Brokers usually don’t conduct credit checks; property owners or landlords may ask for this. However you can request a credit check during the offer evaluation if needed.